Welcome to Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education. I am happy you are all here to embark on an endeavour to become teachers. Although four (4) years sounds short, this will be one of the most time-consuming, reflective experiences you will ever go through.

I know from experience that the College admissions process can be stressful: purchase of admission forms, and sometimes not so subtle competition between classmates seeking admission to the same College, and then the wait for the decisive posting of admission list on our notice board or a receipt of text message informing you of admission notice. Well, the good news is you have survived this rite of passage. Take a deep breath, and savour this moment. You are all now ABETICoE students and all of us-your families, and the faculty and staff are incredibly proud of you.

Our admission policy is open and transparent. There are no tribal considerations and hence our students are from all the regions of Ghana. College is a time of exploration, a time to learn much about the world and about yourself. In electing to pursue this journey at ABETICoE, you will share your experience in profound ways.

As Presbyterians we believe in holistic education-training of the HEAD, HEART and the HANDS as envisaged by the early missionaries. This three tier education system is what we uphold. These principles still guide us today. We firmly believe in universal education. It is one of the reasons we embrace diversity in every possible dimension. And we believe that with education comes responsibility. Those of you who are fortunate enough to study at ABETICoE have an obligation to use your education for the benefit of others.

We believe that each of you must become an active citizen of this community and every community that you will inhabit in the future. I urge all students to be law abiding, respect the code and ethics of the College so as to keep our enviable record of being the most discipline college alive. Be conversant with the guidelines spelt out for the training of teachers. I wish you well in ABETICOE.