The College Library supports the College’s teaching, learning and research. The Library’s Electronic Resource Section provides Computer equipment to enable library users (Students, Tutors, Staff and Researchers) to have access to computers connected to the internet to assist them in the preparation of lessons (presentation, notes) assignment, S.T.S. report preparation, teaching and information search.

The rules below apply to the use of computers in the Library’ Electronic Resources Section.

  1. First priority for use of computers is accorded to the College Students, Tutors and Staff.
  2. Use of computing resource is a privilege that depends on individual using the resources appropriately.
  3. Sometimes, the demand for the library computer equipment exceed the availability. You are entreated to be sensitive to the needs of others and limit equipment use during times of heavy demand. The College library may put additional measures in place to regulate computer use such as setting time limits and restrict email access.
  4. Due to the public nature of the library, individuals should show respect for other individuals’ right to privacy and freedom from intimidation or harassment. Users are entreated to be sensitive to the fact that some on-screen images, sounds or messages creates an atmosphere of disturbance, intimidation or harassment. The College library may take steps to maintain an environment conducive for study and research.
  5. The use of computer equipment for recreational purposes such as charging phones/tablets, music/movie and game playing prevent others from using the computers for educational or research purposes and thus makes the College library less conducive to study. The College librarian, library staff or student librarians may intervene to ensure optimal access to computers for educational and research purposes.